Happy Holiday Season

Happy Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Geneva White


  1. Style "Imperatives"
    11 Oct, 2017
    Style "Imperatives"
    Today's post is all about the basic principles of styling; I had two back to back social encounters today that convinced me to re-visit this subject and the importance of understanding basic design elements. Happily, we have several senior citizens who have recently started programs (or resumed them) for improvement of health issues.  Most of them also have a very noticeable improvement in their appearance; this serendipity adds to the benefits generated to mental as well as physical health;
  2. Rockin' Your Role
    04 Oct, 2017
    Rockin' Your Role
    My household "uniform" is a major staple in my personal wardrobe.  One such example of the uniform is posted on the left; I have eleven pairs of the pants and matching long-sleeved t-shirts (Wal-Mart) that are mingled, co-mingled, and layered with other clothing almost every day of the week.  I also have a variety of coordinating head bands and sport shoes of which one or more are worn daily.  In the upper left hand corner you can see a few of our members beginning their daily routine...me,
  3. Fall and Fitness
    27 Sep, 2017
    Fall and Fitness
    The actions that many of us or our family members take during the fall and early winter often define the quality of our next calendar year; I believe these actions are especially important to women in our age group.  Not to put a damper on our enjoyment of the upcoming season, I do want to point out a few sobering facts to help keep the upcoming holiday season as joyful and as safe as possible. Although many people define the holiday season as the days between Thanksgiving and New Years Day as
  4. Runway Styling Tip
    20 Sep, 2017
    Runway Styling Tip
    Because it is "fashion month" (sequential weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris),  I have been unavailable for some of the regular activities I usually do with friends; this has led to several conversations as to the value of me watching all the runway shows.  One of the most frequent comments I receive is along the lines of "you don't wear any of those outrageous fashions", yet you spend so much time watching the shows, etc.".  Of course, this has generated my crystalization of a process
  5. SS 2018-Mix and Un-Match?
    13 Sep, 2017
    SS 2018-Mix and Un-Match?
    After watching well over 100 fashion "fashion week" runway shows for SS 2018, I have certainly got the message regarding this season's use of color;  basically. almost ANYTHING goes for color or pattern matches !! Now, having said that, I find it is a season where almost anyone can find delightful combinations within their own wardrobe (or with a judicious added item or two) to create some ensembles that will really be fun to wear; after all, fashion should be fun, flattering, and readily
  6. Closet Collection-SS 2018
    05 Sep, 2017
    Closet Collection-SS 2018
    As mentioned in an earlier post, I have begun to "curate my closet" to add new wardrobe combinations to my existing wardrobe.  I have already identified six new combinations that I can't wait to wear!  If the weather continues it extremely hot spell (114 on Saturday!!!!), I just may get a head start on fashions that I expect will be worn during the next Spring/Summer fashion season!   It is always a lot of fun for me to re-mix clothing that is already in my closet to make new and exciting
  7. Aging and Beauty; ..and Hats
    31 Aug, 2017
    Aging and Beauty; ..and Hats
    Well, Summer is almost over....although with the Bay Area temperature over 100 degrees in every city (111 in Morgan Hill), it is difficult to imagine that Fall and Winter are just around the corner.  Personally, I am SO over the hot weather; I can't wait to see a change in the weather; hopefully, it will be another wet year and we will not have to suffer drought conditions again.  I must admit that It is difficult to complain at all when I think of the tragedy that is occurring in our neighbors
  8. It's That Time Again! Closet Curating Fall, 2017.
    23 Aug, 2017
    It's That Time Again! Closet Curating Fall, 2017.
    I just received my September 2017, Vogue fashion bible for the latest and greatest of fall/winter style. (125th anniversary issue is beautiful!)  It was also quite a reminder that it is time to rid my closet of all spring/summer items that I need to get rid of, or, perhaps alter, "wait and see", or donate.  At this time, my 'get rid of' pile will consist of only those items that can no longer be worn because of wear and tear.  These will be put in the garbage (or made into cleaning rags).  I
  9. Mature Fashion: Commercialism versus Style
    17 Jul, 2017
    Mature Fashion: Commercialism versus Style
    I am astounded that so many fashion blogs have moved their fashion priorities from "style" to, dare I say it?...simply, "merchandising" the latest fashion rage! Personally, I have been appalled at some of the ensembles that are being presented by 'stylist' bloggers as "fashionable dressing" when the ensemble is simply a 'hot mess'!!  NO, NO, NO...."everything" (or is it "anything") simply does NOT go with whatever garment is closest to hand.!  You may have designed a wardrobe that ensures that