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Hello, All Stylinistas and Fashionistas.  My name is Geneva White and I am an avid fashion styling enthusiast.

I created this blog because I want to share my concerns over the loss of confidence so many 50 +  and/or disabled women suffer that may result from simply growing older.  This blog is not about looking young, it is about looking good, with a side effect of looking 'youthful'; it is all about living and loving our lives to the best of our ability, not having to try to look 'young'.  Frankly, we can look great no matter what our chronoIogical age.

This blog is all about using fashion styling principles optimally in our lifestyle, personal roles, and physical and mental fitness to feel great about oneself and to send positive unspoken messages to all those with whom we interact. I want to "RockMyAge", and I believe that most of you do, too.

As those of you who have been reading my blogs (,,,, and, I have merged these five "subject" blogs into one web and blog site.  Older posts will all be on the "blogspots" which are still up and running.

I will try to post every month an article about one of the subject areas listed under the pull-down buttons; usually about women's fitness, styling, or life style, and, of course, the fashion runway each season as I percieve the trends and "fads".   I will also try and keep the blog up to date on the projected fashion trends for the upcoming season, and publish some details of my personal choices for incorporating those trends into my own wardrobe. Hopefully this information will assist the reader in managing her own "closet collections".

My goal on creating this blog is to establish a cyber dialog (?) with my readers to help us remain "Fashion Forward" with great styling, maintain great health and energy, and manage fashionably our aging lifestyle.  I will not be posting more than once a month (usually), because I am too busy "rocking my age". (currently, I maintain an active social life, maintain a mail order cottage business, and am in the process of writing my own novel).

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