"Rock My Ages"....If you look good, you feel good!

Rock My Ages
..is a website for average women who are dedicated to enjoying all the stages and years of a womans lifespan, especially those years after the age of 50.  Why fifty?..although 40 is the age where women often feel less secure about themselves as attractive, sexy, and desireable women, and many of lifes emotional challenges emerge (disabilities, loss of loved ones, employment opportunities degrade, etc,) 50 is a better benchmark for this styling blog and what fashions work for us.

This site is meant to re-assure women that the "golden years" really can be golden, no matter your age, disability, or economic level; it is all about how a woman can positively affect the way she feels about herself by using the fashion market to her best advantage.

The sub-headings high-lighted in blue are the general catagories this website will address.  The information under each heading is the static  "mission statements" of the "RockMyAges.Info" website. (additional information can be obtained from my previous blogs; "Rockmyrole.blogspot.com","Rockmyages.blogspot.com", "Rockmystyling.blogspot.com","Rockmyrunwaay.blogspot.com", and "Rockmyfitness.blogspot.com").  These blogs are still "live" although I have tried to incorporate the overall basics in the newer website.
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  1. Fitness
    Emphasizes the importance of maintaining good heath practices; especially important to mature women. Tips and tricks to help one "feel good as they look good.
  2. Styling
    The "hows and whats" to make the most of fashion, individual personal tastes, and personal body type to "be all you can be". This section is an all over instant styling guide.
  3. Runways
    Provides "head up" on upcoming fashion trends . I re-mix clothing from my personal closet to demonstrate "shopping the closet' to update one's personal style, etc. It will usually be updated at least twice a year right after "Fashion Week" in February and September; more often if significant.
  4. Blog
    weekly posting of items of interest to Rocking Age; will usually address one or more of the "rocking age" sections: Fitness, Styling, fashion Runways, or general Lifestyle of the older woman.


This section is devoted to areas that deal with the lifestyle of the +40 woman; especially, about the clothing and styling to send the desired message to each of these arenas.
Lord Perry Patterns will be presenting a limited doll show and selling doll patterns on November 4th, 2017 at 275 Burnett Avenue, Morgan Hill, California. (95037)  The show is being presented at the neighborhood boutique.  Hand made jewelry candles, and other cottage crafts will also be available for purchase from our neighborhood residents.  Obviously, this show is not affiliated with any doll vendor or club association.  Attendance is free and parking is available.